February 23, 2023

What Does It Mean to “Find Your Fearless?”

Fearless beauty goes far beyond appearance. It is about confidently embracing your identity, nurturing your mind, body, and soul, and releasing your inhibitions in order to proudly stand up for yourself, your community, and the things you believe in. So what does it mean to “Find Your Fearless,” with Prakti?

"I feel so honored to be part of a new generation of women who are redefining their place in the world, and to make products that give them the confidence to find their fearless."

- Pritika Swarup

Embrace Your Unique Identity

Prakti embodies a new generation of women across the globe — one that’s connected, modern, and, above all, fearless.

Our founder, Pritika, thrived in the classically American community of her hometown of Virgina Beach and also loves exploring her Indian culture and heritage. She is the embodiment of a new generation that celebrates the hybrid nature of their identities, and we want to help you do the same. We encourage you to celebrate your strength, independence, and individuality– whatever that means to you. Maybe you grew up in a small town but dream of becoming a world-traveling musician, or starting a clothing brand. Or maybe you’re a full-time college student that dreams of traveling the world to uplift communities through farming and permaculture. No matter where you’re from, your job, your age, your place in life, your dream… there’s a place for you at Prakti.

Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul 

Our holistic approach to self care goes beyond skincare to support women in both beauty and soul.

The most basic principle of Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest whole-body healing systems, is balance. In order to move through the world with confidence, maintaining a balanced wellness routine is key. Prakti founder, Pritika Swarup, is a life-long practitioner of this proven holistic wellness approach and believes in the transformational power of caring not only for your skin but for your mind, body, and soul. Ayurvedic medicine employs a wide variety of practices: from yoga and meditation  to mindful breathwork, as well as recipes and remedies from the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia. At Prakti, we’re committed to sharing modernized time-trusted remedies and self care rituals that help to improve the overall wellness of today’s multidimensional women.

Practice Self-Care Rituals Made For Your Modern Lifestyle

Everything we make is formulated to become a tool to help you take on the world fearlessly.

You’ve got things to do! Whether it’s a business call, lunch with a bestie, travel plans to attend to or meals to prep for the week– you’re busy. In order to make time for self-care in a fast-paced modern world, you need products formulated for your schedule. Prakti products reimagine traditional ingredients from Indian remedies and the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, harnessing their power through technological innovation, and result in high performance, hassle-free formulations that make skincare and self-care the best part of your day. Hydrate parched skin with MahaMask™ Pampering Moisture Treatment between work-from-home meetings. Achieve a bright poreless, complexion with the power of Ayurvedic Oryza Sativa Rice Powder and antioxidant-rich Pomegranate Enzyme in just five minutes with PritiPolish™. Pack the power of Prakti in your travel bag to glow on the go with our Path to Priti™ minis. Wherever life takes you, we have the tools to help you go there with a confident glow. 

How do you find your fearless? We can’t wait to see all the ways you’ll glow.

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