The Most Potent Ayurvedic Hydrators + The Most Technologically Advanced Actives

"Pritika's foray into the skincare world is both timely and necessary."

"Buy this exfoliator [PritiPolish] for your friend who loves the Tatcha Rice Polish, but wants to try something new."

"Swarup has created a brand that's truly global, inclusive and empowering."

“When a brand launches with just one product you know it’s designed to impress, and Priti Polish doesn't disappoint."

"Every product provides a sensorial experience; it's really about skin and soul" 

Great every day multi tasking serum!

“This is a great serum to use daily. It has amazing ingredients like white snow mushroom, licorice root, patchouli oil, ginger water, kelp and pea seed extract. This gives my skin a hydrated, plump look immediately.”


Saved my dehydrated skin!

“My dry skin is also prone to dehydration and this serum helped with that immensely!! It felt super plump and hydrated after just one use.”



“This exfoliator impressed me. My face felt smooth, incredibly soft, thoroughly cleansed and surprisingly refreshed after one use. I now use it three times per week and my skin feels amazing.”


Gentle but effective

“This is a fabulous cleanser that does everything it’s supposed to do, it’s gentle on the skin but non stripping and non abrasive. It feels creamy, soft, and leaves your skin feeling clean but still moisturized. Highly recommend!”


The BEST hydrating mask

“I can say that this mask has WON me over completely. From the buttery texture to the way my skin feels afterwords.”


Great together and alone

“These products are wonderful used on their own, but together they are excellent for delivering refreshed skin.”


3 Simple Steps to Nourish Your Skin and Soul

Discover your brightest, smoothest, and most hydrated skin created from the purest, most trusted Ayurvedic remedies combined with technologically advanced ingredients.


Purify, hydrate, and nourish for soft, always non-stripped skin.


Smooth and brighten to
poreless, velvety perfection.


Deeply hydrate and plump for
dewy, glowing radiance.

Ultimate Radiance

The complete Prakti skincare routine for the healthiest glow.

Who We Are

Prakti embodies a new generation of women across the globe — one that’s connected, modern, and, above all, fearless. A first-of-its-kind hybrid beauty brand, our products are the result of the beautiful clash between tradition and technology. We reimagine time-trusted ingredients from Ayurvedic remedies, harnessing their power through innovation to enhance the efficacy and sensory experience of every product. 

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