March 02, 2023

4 Reasons To Never Skip A Serum In Your Skincare Routine – Featuring SundaSkin

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If you’re looking to get the most out of your skincare routine, incorporating a trusted facial serum is a must! A serum is a lightweight formulation containing a high concentration of potent active ingredients. An efficacious serum provides lasting hydration as well as protection and nourishment by allowing powerful ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin’s surface after cleansing and before moisturizing. 

It’s important to note that a facial serum should not replace a moisturizer in your routine and vice versa– they’re not the same thing! Think of your moisturizer as a sealant that comes after a serum to enhance and lock in all of your serum’s benefits. Here are 4 reasons why a hydrating serum is the key to achieving luminous skin that glows from the inside out.

1. It’s Specifically Formulated To Deliver Key Ingredients Where Other Products Can’t 

What makes a serum so effective? One of the key reasons is its molecular composition! A water-based serum such as SundaSkin™, our Essential Hydrating Serum, is able to easily pass through the skin barrier due to its smaller molecular structure than a cream moisturizer or oil. By bringing key ingredients deep into the skin’s inner layer, a serum is able to dramatically transform skin from within.

Priti Tip: Take ½ a dropperful of SundaSkin™ and squeeze into the palm of your hand, then apply to cleansed face and neck. Allow skin to fully absorb the serum, then follow with a layer of your favorite moisturizer or oil to lock everything in!

2. Plumps and Deeply Hydrates Skin

Serums are designed to deliver key skincare ingredients deep beneath the skin’s surface in order to provide lasting hydration. Two key hydrators in SundaSkin™, our Essential Hydrating Serum, are White Snow Mushroom and Sodium Hyaluronate. Known as the “moisture magnet,” White Snow Mushroom holds up to 500x its weight in water! Sodium hyaluronate penetrates deeply into the skin to provide a dose of intense hydration while White Snow Mushroom draws moisture even deeper beneath the surface resulting in dramatically plump, bright and hydrated skin.

Priti Tip:Did you know that damp skin can more easily absorb skincare products than dry skin? After cleansing, apply serum to slightly damp skin to better absorb all of your serum’s powerful ingredients.

3. Evens Skin Tone

Many popular makeup products on the market (concealer, foundation, color correctors, etc.) are designed to cover up uneven skin tone and blemishes. The benefit of an effective, hydrating facial serum is that rather than covering up skin symptoms, it promotes bright, even skin tone at the source! Licorice Root and Pea Seed Extract, two key ingredients in SundaSkin™ , host a variety of skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in evening skin texture, minimizing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and supporting homogenous skin tone over time. The result is radiant, luminous skin.

4. Promotes Long Term Skin Health & Prevents Premature Skin Aging

Over time, factors like sun damage, pollution, and natural aging can take a toll on our skin.  When selecting a serum to incorporate into your routine, it’s important to look for ingredients that will work in harmony to strengthen skin barrier for its long term health. An effective serum  supports a plump, youthful complexion by preventing premature skin aging, soothing fine lines and wrinkles and working  to address the factors that contribute to skin damage before they appear on the skin’s surface! Portulaca Oleracea Ferment activates telomerase (the fountain of youth enzyme) to target and reduce signs of aging at the cellular level. In addition to promoting intense hydration, sodium hyaluronate provides a film former to help lock in moisture and smooth fine lines- even more effective than hyaluronic acid! Niacinamide helps rebuild healthy cells while protecting skin from environmental stressors and Ayurvedic Patchouli Oil soothes and moisturizes, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. All of these powerhouse ingredients can be found in SundaSkin™

A deeply hydrating, all-in-one serum is the ultimate tool to add to your self care ritual in order to achieve radiant, renewed skin and a fearless glow.

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