Vata Skincare

Vata embodies the qualities of movement, communication, and creativity. Vata skin type is typically characterized by its delicate nature and a tendency towards dryness. This skin type may be prone to displaying signs of aging earlier, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

In order to balance Vata’s cold, drying energy your skincare routine should focus on hydration! These products provide deep, lasting hydration and nourishment to balance Vata dominance and pamper both skin and soul.

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Prakti Beauty Mask MahaMask™ Prakti Beauty Mask MahaMask™

Pampering Moisture Treatment

Deeply hydrate and plump for dewy, glowing radiance.
Sale price$46.00
Prakti Beauty SundaSkin™ Prakti Beauty SundaSkin™

The Essential Hydrating Serum

Transform your skin with our all-in-one serum that deeply hydrates and locks in moisture.
Sale price$65.00
Prakti Beauty HiraHydrate™ Prakti Beauty HiraHydrate™


Our newest duo set for intensely hydrated skin that glows on its own or preps the perfect base for makeup.
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